Spring Showers Bring… Mud

It’s been muddy out there and it’s going to get muddier with more rain coming after Easter. I was hoping to do more things outside this spring break, but it looks like we’ll be sticking with indoor activities like going to the local children’s museum and an art museum. I haven’t dragged my kids there because one is sort of hyper. We went there with my art camp last summer and she was pretty good, but we kept it to one hour and we were with a tour guide. She’s almost a year older, so I think it’ll be a fun thing to do. Plus, they have an audio tour, so she can have the job of carrying the device until she gets bored with doing it.

This is a great Youtube video for kids to watch before going on a trip to any museum. I used it with my summer camp kids and it really worked.

I had a bad experience one year where some high schoolers misbehaved at an art museum. They were literally wrestling one another. They were loud. They touched things that weren’t meant to be touched. They pushed on barriers and leaned over rails. It was absurd. Had they ever been to a museum before? No. Had I prepped them on how to behave in a museum? No. So, it was a combination of ignorance and lack of preparation on my part. As their teacher, I failed them. Their parents also failed them by not taking them to any museums which is why I need to be responsible for my own children’s education in that way. From now on I will always show this video–until I find another that I like better.

Anyone have any good tips or recommendations on how to prepare students for a trip to a museum?


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